MalethAero provides reliable, flexible air infrastructure to meet a diverse range of air transport needs around the world.

A Speciality Mission Airline

MalethAero is a specialty mission airline which has been providing safe and reliable operations to governments, corporations, tour operators, and international organizations for well over a decade.  Today Maleth operates a fleet of 5 Airbus A330-200 aircraft in a variety of single and dual class, high-density or freighter configurations.

Maleth at a Glance

IATA Certified Airline
FOCs in 30+ Countries
118 Airports Visited in 2023
All Airbus Widebody Fleet
4,800+ Hours Flown in 2023
1,023 Flights Flown

Meet The Team

At the heart of MalethAero is the hard working and knowledgeable staff and the crew members who dedicate themselves to providing safe, reliable and friendly service to all passengers aboard.

Maleth's History

Maleth Founded
Maleth’s operation focused on the management of corporate and narrow body aircraft
Maleth expands to VIP charter and cargo operations with B737 aircraft
MalethAero changes ownership hands when acquired by an aviation investment group.
As the industry continues to be impacted by the pandemic, MalethAero serves as a leader in widebody, light cargo transportation.  Maleth works extensively to transport much needed PPE, test kits, vaccines and other cargo.
Maleth transitions its fleet to passenger configuration, offering charter and wet leasing services worldwide.
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Maleth continues to expand its global footprint and its customer base
Maleth serves major tour operators, Hajj and Umrah flight programs, international aid organizations and a growing list of customers.

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