Operating Leasing

Available Aircraft

In 2020 AELF FlightService together with their European partners led the acquisition of Maleth Aero. AELF FlightService continues to compliment the ACMI and charter offerings of Maleth Aero. Specifically, AELF FlightService can expand the Maleth Aero product offerings by:



The AELF FlightService team has successfully completed over 200 commercial aircraft transactions. They have experience with a broad range of custom solutions, including sale and leasebacks, stub sale leasebacks, forward purchases, acquisition and lease novations, wet and dry leasing, and power by the hour (PBH) arrangements.


AELF FlightService's strategy is to acquire and lease mid-life assets with their own equity. They acquire their aircraft and engines through a variety of channels, including airlines, OEMs, other leasing companies and asset managers.

Core Strengths

All core competencies related to deal generation, technical bridging, lease administration and technical asset management are housed internally. They have created a professional team of in-house aircraft leasing experts, focused on ensuring our aircraft investments are appropriately managed and complement the needs of their clients.

Customized Solutions

The AELF FlightService team has significant experience in acquiring, leasing, managing and trading mid-life aircraft and engines throughout their remaining life cycle. They provide customized leasing solutions depending on the specific airline’s requirements and constraints.


Fleet Development & Transition

AELF FlightService can assist airlines when transitioning into new aircraft types. They can help you implement cost-effective and seamless fleet transitions based on your goals and strategic plan.

Aircraft Sales, Leasing, and Financing

AELF FlightService offers aircraft sales from inventory, aircraft sourcing, acquisition, leasing and financing. Their sale and leaseback structures can allow airlines to improve their liquidity position.

Flexible Solutions

AELF FlightService specializes in unconventional aircraft solutions. Their team has extensive experience engineering financial structures that help airlines persevere through challenging times, respond to growth opportunities, and expand capacity. They can engineer a sale, leasing or finance solution that matches your fleet strategy. 

Technical support you can count on.

In-house Expertise

The AELF FlightService team has extensive expertise in aircraft bridging, reconfiguration and airframe & engine maintenance events. They have managed aircraft throughout their life cycle, allowing t‍

Aircraft Transition and Maintenance

AELF FlightService can transition and reconfigure aircraft based on specific airline and local requirements. Their team has extensive experience in aircraft bridging processes and placing aircraft through heavy maintenance.

Wet to Dry Leasing Structures

Due to their unique ability to provide wet and dry aircraft leasing structures, this allows them to assist airlines when integrating a new aircraft type onto an Air Operator’s Certificate. Their advice and guidance can prove invaluable during this process.

engine leasing.

AELF FlightService buys, leases and finances a variety of engines to help power today’s commercial aircraft. Their engine solutions can help provide flexibility to cover maintenance events, green-time and Power by the Hour (PBH) leasing to avoid costly shop visits, and spare engine support.

FLexibility in our solutions.

Your specific fleet needs and goals don't always fit with conventional offerings from leasing companies. AELF FlightService aims to engineer custom financial solutions that overcome your unique obstacles. They have the financial strength, acumen and wherewithal to engineer and close custom deals efficiently.