Available Aircraft

The layout of the Maleth Aero aircraft are versatile and capable of servicing a range of customer requirements, from high density passenger configurations to business & tourists class to freight operations

Available Aircraft

Maleth Aero offers:
- 2x 345Y  
- 2x 283Y/12J  
- 1x259Y/24J
- 2 freight interior configuration A330-200 aircraft

airbus a330-200, 9h-bfs

AIRBUS A330-200, 9H-EFS

AIRBUS A330-200, 9H-RTU*

* October 2023 delivery


By partnering with a leading engineering firm, Maleth Aero has the ability to redesign the capability of our aircraft, removing the seats and transforming the aircraft into auxiliary freight configuration. See the Spec Sheet for all applicable weights and volumes in this configuration.

Will be delivered in this permanent configuration in October of 2022.