About Us

Widebody freighter and passenger ACMI and charter services.

about us

In 2020 AELF FlightService together with their European partners led the acquisition of the controlling interest in Maleth Aero, which quickly became a leader in passenger freight operations.  In 2022 it diversified and expanded its service offering to a wide range of passenger operations and worked together with a third party STC provider to develop and retain an efficient solution for the “e-commerce” freight demand sector. This solution is anticipated to be fully implemented and in operation in October of 2022.

The airline pairs its financial resources together with its operational capabilities to meet the challenges and opportunities in order to provide our clients with a competitive advantage.

what we do

Through our airline partners, Maleth Aero provides widebody freighter and passenger ACMI and charter services. Our experienced commercial teams can create a bespoke lease structure to address any potential operational or technical constraints.

operating leasing

Through our relationship with AELF FlightService, an experienced commercial aircraft leasing company we, together can also provide aircraft on a traditional dry, operating lease basis.   Should an airline request it, we can structure a combination of both wet and dry leasing in order to allow an airline to transition into a new aircraft type.

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AELF flightservice

Airlines around the world depend on AELF FlightService at short notice to provide aircraft and engine lift, and power supply on short, long term and season demand peaks.

AELF FlightService partners with Maleth Aero, an EASA authorized operator to provide a fleet of widebody passenger and freighter aircraft on an ACMI and charter basis for worldwide operational requirements.